Marvel outdoor lcd digital signage is widely used in outdoor public areas

With the development of technology, no matter our life way or work way, have changed a lot almost everyday, so does our advertising method, in the past days, we play advertisement by posters, which is not convenient to control, and the advertisement is single and fixed in a period of time.

But later we have LED screen, which can be remote controlled, it is much more convenient and at the same time, the advertisement content can be various and colorful, and can be update at any time. But due to its big pixel, it is more suitable for long distance view.

Nowadays, our outdoor lcd digital signage is widely used in outdoor public areas, which not only have the advantage of LED screen, but also solved its pixel issue. LCD screen have higher resolution, like 1920*1080, 3840*2160, which offer you ultra-clear visual effects and let the advertisement watching became a enjoyment. Besides, it can be also added touch screen to make the screen interactive, so it not only support play advertisement, but also can be an inquiry kiosk, people can search information on it, like a map directory. Now, you can see almost the lcd outdoor dignage everywhere, like train station

Bus station




If you have any needs or interests in our outdoor digital signage, welcome to contact us for more information.

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