How to Ensure High Visibility For Your Window-Facing Digital Signage

As digital signage is increasingly being used in street-level windows of restaurants, cafe, banks, retail stores, real estate offices and many other facilities, it is crucial to ensure that these outdoor-facing digital displays will be visible to passersby under bright direct sunlight.

Outdoor-facing digital signage should have at least 2,500 nits to ensure the displayed content is not washed out.


Marvel technology’s digital window displays allow you to easily attract public attention day and night, making them the perfect displays for outdoor visibility. The screens are clearly visible even in direct sunlight.

With a thinnest thickness of just 2.5cm, Marvel Technology’s digital window displays take up minimal space, creating space efficiency in an in-window setting.


Marvel Technology’s content management system makes it easier than ever for you to put content on your digital screens . You can use it to remotely control one screen, or thousands, from anywhere in the world.






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