Stand Alone Digital Signage

Except play advertising online, Do you ever want to promoting your brand in public places ,Like shopping mall,library,school or even metro station,hospital etc,Well,a stand alone Digital signage solution from Marvel tech could help you do that ,Just put a digital signage in floor standing over there ,Reaching millions of people every day,expanding your overarching message,Below it is example of its real usage






Marvel tech not only manufacturing standalone digital sigange but also do wall mount style,whether if you prefer android operation system or windows system,with touchable screen or not or if you want a easy and cost less solution , you can just using a media player solution ,Standard size Start from 32 inch to 65 in or even bigger could be customized



Free CMS could be provided with digital signage ,We can make a account for you to manage the device ,whatever user name and password you intend to set ,Just let us know in advance so that we  can do it for you right before shipping



After sales- we provide warranty for 1 year ,effected after you receive order ,if there is a repair issue,Well,we have a such a policy that if it is not man-made damage then we will send you replacement for free during warranty and we will bear the shipping cost ,Besides,if you need any help on software,we also have English-speaking engineer who could assist you one on one or even face to face if it is urgently,remember we are just a phone call away during business hour


About package and delivery ,inside we have first layer protection using a white sponge ,then We usually use a cartons to cover the display and next step will make a wooden box to protect the digital signage  since the package will transfer many times during this process,for customer it will be easier for them to storage as well




Below picture for your reference ,it is marvel workshop for massive order,We have strict QA team to inspecting each every housing or electronic components before assemble and after that we will double test it’s function again to ensure it works well




Production capacity : 1800 units per month,We can make it as faster as possible if customer prefer to order via alibaba insurance


For more information,Please visit our website at



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